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Annual Report 2006

The third year of the Early Childhood and Healthy Adolescence Program had been very interesting and dynamic for very many reasons. During 2006 our team had many learning-experiences, other than the significant achievements through strengthening and intensifying ongoing programs to promote early childhood development through iodized-salt distribution, the home garden program and capacity building for the community out-reach team and staff of other organizations.


Annual Report 2005 Center

The year 2005 had been unique in terms of institutional growth and capacity building for the Caritas-CCAMH team. Ms. Sok Dearozet the psychologist working at the center went to India and Singapore for seven months to come back with enriched knowledge and experience. Mr. Kim Rattana and Ms. Sok Phaneth visited SETI-center, Caritas-Egypt along with Dr. J.Bhoomikumar to understand Caritas-Egypt?s involvement in developmental disability sector.


Annual Report 2005 Community

The highlights of the community based child and adolescent mental health during the year 2005 are: following up the awareness building exercise with action programs in the community, setting-up registers for data-management at community level, distribution of seeds for home garden during the monsoon, sharing the achievements and challenges with the rest of the Caritas team and taking the issue of prevention of needless disability to the national level.


Annual Report 2004

Strengthening and intensifying the community and school based program, establishing clinical and logistics management committees towards sustaining the quality of services rendered at the clinic, increased liaison and net working among the partners at various levels, strategic planning of human resource development prioritizing client needs, establishing contact with the embassies in Phnom Penh, felicitating the senior members of the staff, publication of the literature on child mental health issues in the media are the highlights of the Caritas-CCMH program during the year 2004.


Annual Report 2003

Consulting stake-holders at all levels towards „Evaluation and Strategic Planning? vis-a-vis National Mental Health Plan, staff appraisal and strengthening organizational structure towards sustainability of services, incorporating continuing professional development (CPD) into service conditions, initiating a consultative process with the village level volunteers, and establishing various working groups within the Caritas-CCMH team to constantly update and monitor the quality of services rendered at the center are the highlights of the Caritas-CCMH program during the year 2004.